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Nautical Sand Sculptures offers a variety of products from Hand Paintings, Natural Sculpted, 3D Paintings, Custom Mirrors, Home Address Signs, Wall Murals and much more. We handmake every single piece and because of that were able to customize them to your specific needs whether it be color, size or shape we can make your idea come to life.

Hand Paintings


 Our hand paintings are all original and hand painted with acrylics. 


Natural Sculpted Artwork


 Our natual sculptures can be made any size, shape or color. In addition to that they can be customized any way you would like with your favorite sea creatures and shells. 

Home Address Sculptures


 Our home address sculptures can be made to fit your Home. We can customize these any size, shape or color as well as add your favorite shells or sea creatures to them.


3D Sculptures

Our 3D sculptures can be made to look like an aquarium without all the hassle. These sculptures require the most time because every piece is made seperatley, hand painted seperatley and then adhered onto the sculptured backround. These can be made in many different ways in any color scheme for any house.

Wall Murals

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